Drone videos are the easiest way to market your commercial real estate property. In this drone video, I used a DJI Matrice 100 to capture great video of the commercial property. My clients were very happy with the final deliverable.

Reno, Nevada has great weather for flying drones. On this particular day the winds were moderate at 10 mph out of the west. I prefer to fly the DJI Matrice because of the incredible flight characteristics it offers. The moderate winds were absolutely no factor on this mission.

Another consideration for me when flying drones to film drone videos for real estate is what effect the wind will have on the quality. In this case, the gimbal on the DJI Matrice functioned perfectly and there was little to no motion evident in the video.

Some of the other issues I was took into consideration before flying to film this drone video was the shear size of the project. These large flat buildings make it difficult to maintain visual line of sight with the aircraft. We were able to fly from an overlook above the building to mitigate this problem.