Studying Climate Change with Multispectral Cameras

I had the good fortune to join Dr. Dawson and his team outside of Sequoia National Park. I acted as the pilot and worked with the team to model Odin, one of the oldest and largest Giant Sequoias. Parrot, a leading drone manufacturer, partners with the research group... read more

Drone Preflight Inspection

Remote Pilots are responsible to confirm that the aircraft is in airworthy condition. At CloudD8ta, I keep a Preflight Checklist in the case of each our aircraft all with copies of my insurance, licenses and manuals. The Preflight Checklist is simple to perform and... read more

Parrot Sequoia

The Parrot Sequoia multispectral sensor is revolutionizing agriculture, offering a comprehensive, adaptable solution that is compatible with all types of drones. With its two sensors, multispectral and sunshine, Sequoia analyses plants’ vitality by capturing the... read more