The value in UAS is the data.  At CloudD8ta we have developed a Data Management Plan to evaluate client needs and develop a comprehensive proposal for acquisition.

Data Management Plan

  1. Assess data requirements and use case specific to job site
    • Function (map, inspect, monitor, etc.)
    • Frequency, response time, accuracy, sensor type, etc.
    • Determine coordinate system
    • Evaluate delivery Method
  2. Determine sensor/drone system appropriate for deliverables
  • LiDAR
  • Multispectral
  • RGB
  • Video
  1. Determine if a Certificate of Authorization or other state/local authorizations are required (restrictive proximity to airspace and airports)
  • File COA if required
  1. Complete Job Hazard Analysis Form (See Attachment F – JHA Form) and obtain approval for operations in compliance with insurance coverage and safety department guidelines
  2. Determine the data service appropriate to client requirements
  3. Plan data capture and delivery workflow
    • Flight ops: takeoff zones, obstacle clearance, privacy concerns, RF or magnetic interference, ability to maintain line of sight
    • Data upload to processing pipeline, data delivery of final products
    • Integration with existing software or workflow
  4. Complete UAS Operator Review Form (See Attachment G – UAS Operator Review Form)
  5. Prior to flight complete Preflight Checklist (See Attachment H – Preflight Checklist)
  6. Complete mission
  7. Process and evaluate data
    • Follow standard QC/QA procedures and provide report
    • Does it meet the client’s needs and expectations?
    • Modify the product or workflow as required
  8. Present Deliverables to client following agreed delivery method and request client feedback