Finding the right drone solution can be frustrating, expensive and time consuming.  With the boom in drone companies, start-ups are going out of business everyday and disappearing. 50% of drone companies are forecast to go out of business in 2017.   If you are considering purchasing a drone system this year, ask yourself, “Where will this drone company be one year from now?”   Beware the dreaded vaporware!

Subcontracting drone services to CloudD8ta removes the risk and insures your data will be delivered on time and on budget. Subcontracting drone services also shifts the liability to our experienced pilots. CloudD8ta is committed to customer service and putting our clients first.

Put your drone program on the path to success from the very beginning with CloudD8ta. Our comprehensive services ensure that you have an experienced partner to guide your business in adopting and implementing drones in your workflow.

We know the value is in the data.  We will analyze your specific job site requirements and identify the best drone and software solution to achieve your goals.

CloudD8ta’s services will deliver the following results:

  • Develop and implement a streamlined work order process – Having an efficient process in place eliminates any guesswork about how to acquire data. We’ll provide you with a Data Management Plan that guides you through the entire spectrum of the relationship, from capture to delivery.

  • Cultivate a professional, reliable team of pilots – A professional, reliable team can be your most valuable asset. We evaluate and train all pilots and hold them to the highest industry standards.

  • Strengthen relationships with clients across the board – We believe solid relationships are the foundations that support any successful business. Keeping that in mind, we’ll share strategies with you to help you make a positive impression on new prospects, as well as strengthen your relationships with existing customers.

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