Innovations in drone technology are revolutionizing the way we work and do business.  Drones give us an opportunity to improve safety, enhance efficiencies, and collect data to improve decision-making.  To accomplish this requires high level understanding of how each independent component must work together to seamlessly capture raw aerial data and  then process the data into actionable intelligence.

Your business can have a fully operational drone program in days by leaning on the expertise of CloudD8ta.  We have the experience and knowledge to:

  • Navigate FAA Rules and Regulations

  • Identify the best drone hardware and software solutions tailored to your specifications

  • Ground truth drone data

The industries with the most to benefit from drones are agriculture, construction, insurance, real estate and energy.  Multispectral analysis, infrared photography and aerial surveys using photogrammetry and lidar give us unprecedented opportunities to view our world in a different light.

CloudD8ta offers instructor led drone training in all of these disciplines.  Contact us now to find out how your company can launch a drone program today.


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