To put this project together, PIC Tom Jennings worked directly with marketing team at Grizzly Ranch. The first step in the producing a high quality video is always to confirm compliance with FAA rules and regs. Next, we put together a shot list of must have scenes. This gave us an outline of what we needed to shoot so that we did not miss anything.

Using a shot list is also important to keep the shoot organized. I find when I work off of a shot list I can minimize the time the drone is in the air. This streamlines the entire production process so I am not reviewing hundreds of hours of video to find the shot.

The team at Grizzly Ranch was awesome to work with. One factor that helped produce this was a golf cart to make travel easy. I showed up on site at 7 am and Rebecca Huarte gave me a tour of the facilities. During the tour I evaluated hazards and confirmed that the facility was clear of power lines and any high altitude obstacles.

Flying drones in Tahoe, I always diligent in checking the weather. The wind in particular is a major factor that needs to be evaluated.