Introducing drone and flight operations to your company can be a daunting task. These are the steps CloudD8ta uses when consulting clients on how to start their own drone operation.

Assess data requirements and use case specific to job site

  • Function (map, inspect, monitor, etc.)
  • Frequency, response time, accuracy, sensor type, etc.

Calculate cost and budget for drone system

  • Hardware, software and pilot/observer
  • Apply for FAA 333 exemption or FAA part 107 UAS license
    Determine if you need a Certificate of Authorization or other state/local authorizations
    for your job site (restrictive proximity to airspace and airports)
  • File COA if required and feasible

Complete job site risk assessment and obtain approval for operations in compliance with
insurance coverage and safety department guidelines

  • Apply for risk-based insurance coverage for required type of drone operations

Find qualified pilot (FAA rating, experience, professionalism)

  • Internal or external hire

Determine the best data service to meet your needs
Order hardware, software and hire your pilot
Plan data capture and delivery workflow

  • Flight ops: takeoff zones, obstacle clearance, privacy concerns, RF or magnetic
    interference, ability to maintain line of sight
  • Data upload to processing pipeline, data delivery of final products
  • Integration with existing software or workflow

Get employees acknowledgment or consent to over flight if required by FAA regulations
Complete UAS Operator Review Form
Fly and use data

  • Does it meet your needs and expectations?
  • Modify the product or workflow as required