How to Measure Stockpile Volumes with Drones?

My name is Tom Jennings, the owner of CloudD8ta. I have three years experience using drones to measure stockpile volumes using photogrammetry. There are many companies offering completely autonomous drone systems. They are expensive and at the end of the day, a human has to take the drone inside and put it to bed.

Using drones to measure stockpile volumes is reliable, efficient and affordable. Through a process called photogrammetry, drone data creates 3D models of the stockpiles from hundreds of photos. Each one of these photos is precisely geotagged with x, y and z coordinates.

The key to making good measurements is to understand the workflow. Here are the steps:
1. Analyze the parameters of the data set.
2. Plan the autonomous mission.
3. Fly the mission.
4. Process the data.
5. Evaluate each stockpile and calculate the volume.

After our measurements and quality assurance is complete we will email you a full report based entirely on your requirements.

The easiest way to measure a stockpile volume is to call me directly. We will talk about your site and I will give you my expert opinion on best practices to model your site. Our service cost is based on the acreage of your site.

Next, a professional pilot will schedule an appointment. Once on site we can fly 40 acres in 20 minutes. Most sites require 2 to 4 flights.

The final step is processing cx analyzing the data. We guarantee a 24 hour turn around so the day after we fly.