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Welcome to the age of Aerial Thermography.

Actionable aerial data from infrared cameras for inspections, diagnostics and monitoring.

CloudD8ta will train your team on advanced thermal imaging processes using the DJI Zenmuse XT developed by FLIR.  These cameras reveal details invisible to the naked eye.  This data is changing the way we look at the world.  The companies with the most to gain from thermal imaging with drones are energy industries, search and rescue, precision agriculture and fire fighting.  This one day instructor led course can have your team collecting infrared data professionally and reliably.

Course Overview

Infrared Imaging Theory

DJI Zenmuse XT FLIR Camera Specs

Thermal Imaging for Inspections

Thermal Imaging for Agriculture

Thermal Mapping with Pix4D


Aerial Survey and 3D Modeling

Frequently Asked Questions

What Drones are used in this course? This course will utilize the capabilities of the DJI Inspire with the ZenMuse XT Thermal Sensor.

I am a house inspector, can this course be customized to my needs? Yes, the above overview is a course we recommend for advanced remote pilots. We can offer a curriculum tailored to the needs of any client.

How long does it take to initialize and launch a thermal camera? In combination with the DJI Inspire or Matrice you can put your Zenmuse XT camera into the air in seconds. This is an incredibly useful tool for police or firefighters looking for a drone based mobile solution for aerial thermal imaging.

How do I control the Zenmuse XT? The Zenmuse XT is controlled directly from the DJI Go app. From the app you can control metering, temperature measurements, zoom, live feed and more all while the drone is in the air.

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