Multispectral Drone Mapping for Agriculture

Welcome to the age of Precision Agriculture

Actionable aerial data for informed decisions, improved efficiencies and increased yields.

Drone-based crop surveys are revolutionizing agriculture. Infrared sensors and NDVI cameras can be used to collect data, which can be used to make better decisions and manage crops in the demanding farm environment:

  • Field health maps

  • Soil moisture content

  • Growth progress

  • Insect damage

  • Weed control

  • Targeted fertilization

  • Accurately identify crop yields

Let CloudD8ta help you build a strategy for your farm or forestry management. Produce aerial drone reports and use them to manage your farm programs quickly and efficiently, producing repeatable results. If you already own a drone, we can train your staff to avoid frustration and get your drone program up and running.

Day 1

  • Multispectral and NDVI Theory

  • Drone Data to Ground Truth

  • Creating Accurate Georeferencing

  • Best Practices of Pix4Dmapper

  • Custom Ratios

  • Introduction to Precision Agriculture With Pix4D and Sequoia

  • Pix4Dmapper and Sequoia Applications

  • Processing Time and Hardware

  • What The Future Holds For Pix4D

Day 2

  • An Intro To Pix4Dcapture software

  • The Basics: Flight Planning

  • Multi-Rotors and Pix4D

  • Fixed Wing and Pix4D

  • Practical Session with the Sequoia Camera

  • Create your project

  • Manual addition of tie points/GCPs

  • Evaluation: quality of the project

  • Quality Control


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