Join our Pilot Network!

CloudD8TA is expanding into new areas and is looking for FAA certified pilots to join our network.  Maximize your flight time and take advantage of our data center to improve your revenue stream.  CloudD8TA pilots can talk directly to the founders to get questions answered and contracts signed.

  • Use the CloudD8ta data center to process data professionally with Pix4D and DroneDeploy.  This service includes Ground Control Points and our stringent quality assurance.

  • Once we have vetted you, we will work directly with you on sales and marketing in your area.

  • Receive best rates on insurance in the industry.

CloudD8TA utilizes DroneDeploy and Pix4D for all of our processing.  Each of these software packages has their own advantages depending on our client’s project.  We analyze our client’s needs and then decide which software to use.  

For more information please email your resume to

Pilot Network

Join our Pilot Network!