uas map

The value is in the data

High resolution maps with up to 2cm ground sample distance and 3cm accuracy with ground control points. With our Pilot services we deliver the data in a Technical Report for you to review and share. Our clients have been using Orthomaps for site planning and collaboration with stakeholders and contractors. Digital surface Models (DSM) provides accurate topography map that can be imported into your existing software like AutoCAD to track change and progress. 3D models for site monitoring, inspections and marketing. With our system our clients have

Why use Drones

Using drones give you a bird’s eye view of your site in almost real time. The data that is captured is accurate and powerful.

“It’s a good way to connect people to your site without stepping foot on site. We find high value scheming meeting around the data we provide with stakeholders.” Patrick McGlothlin

You can use drones to quickly survey your site to build 2d maps, 3d models and digital elevation models in place of expensive survey equipment.  On big job sites it’s easy to track what areas of your site are behind schedule or ahead of schedule with our high resolution ortho maps.

 Time and Safety

One of the key advantages that UAVs have over traditional methods is time & safety. Walking a construction site to collect data points or just a site visit with stakeholders is not only time consuming but can be very dangerous. With our reports we generate and the data inside them you can save time which is money and most importantly keep contractors and other parties out of harm’s way.