Unmanned Aerial Systems extend human potential and allow us to execute dangerous or difficult tasks safely and efficiently, saving time, saving money and, most importantly saving lives. CloudD8ta’s 333 exemption authorizes us to unlock the tremendous potential of UAS to keep the public safe, carry out missions dangerous to humans and provide data on things difficult to measure.

Gold Coast
by CloudD8ta

Squaw Valley USA contracted CloudD8ta in April of 2016 for an aerial survey of Gold Coast Ridge. This area of the ski resort is avalanche prone and to mitigate the risk of avalanche Squaw Valley is installing a Gazex device.

To facilitate the installation, a point cloud of the area was created. Tom Jennings carried out the aerial survey using a DJI Inspire for data capture and Pix4D for processing. The Drone Deploy App was used for Mission Planning. At that same time, he collected aerial images for updates to the National Ski Patrol map of Squaw Valley.