I had the good fortune to join Dr. Dawson and his team outside of Sequoia National Park. I acted as the pilot and worked with the team to model Odin, one of the oldest and largest Giant Sequoias.

Parrot, a leading drone manufacturer, partners with the research group of Dr. Todd Dawson, faculty at the University of California, Berkeley, to promote innovation and the use of drone technology in measuring and monitoring forest ecosystems.

The record-setting drought in California has killed more than 60 million trees over the past few years. There is significant concern by scientists on how these die-offs will impact the Sierra Nevada mountains, particularly the stands of iconic giant sequoia trees.

The project is taking a novel approach in studying the architecture and hydraulics, or how water flows, through the massive sequoia trees. The goal is to better understand how individual sequoias have survived for centuries and how they will continue to survive in the future under a changing climate.

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