With FLIR’s new Aerial Inspection Kits, drone-based thermal
imaging is more accessible than ever before.
Forget about spending hours on a ladder with a hand-held camera,
or thousands of dollars on a single survey from a full-sized aircraft.
Building and roof inspections with a thermal camera equipped drone
only take minutes and can be done on your schedule.
Residential and commercial customers are demanding better
information on the condition of buildings before they purchase, and
the FLIR UAS is the perfect tool for identifying poor insulation and
moisture issues as well as roofing problems.
By combining the flight stability, gimbal technology, mobile app
integration, and image transmission of the popular and proven DJI
Inspire 1 with the industry-leading thermal imaging technology
of FLIR, this package gives you the ultimate solution for reliable,
rapidly-deployable aerial thermal imaging.
With FLIR’s Aerial Inspection Kits you can:
• Inspect a roof in minutes, when it used to take hours
• Find water damage and other roofing problems quickly
and easily
• Prove that repairs have been done right
• Capture images at the right angle for optimal emissivity and
temperature accuracy
• Use FLIR Tools+ software to stich these images together with the
click of a button
• Inspect buildings with a highly-integrated, easy-to-fly aircraft and
the world’s most popular drone app for live video, camera control,
and digital recording
• Captures MP4 video as well as JPEG stills