On August 16, 2016, CloudD8ta completed volumetric measurements for Triangle Rock Products located in Sacramento, CA. Tom Jennings and Andy Santiago were the pilots. They flew a DJI Matrice 100 using the Drone Deploy app. “I found the app easy to use”, said PIC Tom Jennings.

The site occupies 90 acres and they were able to complete the mission in 2 flights operating at 60 meters AGL. CloudD8ta incorporates ground control points into all missions. In this case, the Triangle Rock site was surveyed by a traditional survey company. The pilots used these survey points as GCPs and then calculated the stockpile volumes using Drone Deploy and Pix4d.

The result from Drone Deploy and Pix4D were in agreement. Tom Jennings submitted the drone data to the client within 24 hours. Our next mission will be done in conjunction with LiDAR scans of chosen stockpiles to confirm all data is in agreement.