CloudD8ta Founder, Tom Jennings is focused on delivering awe inspiring aerial cinematography and photography to his clients in Lake Tahoe, Napa and Northern Nevada. Based in Tahoe City, Tom Jennings has shot aerials for Chase International, Tahoe Mountain Realty, Sheridan Brokers, Squaw Valley Resort, United Construction and the BBC. He also has clients in London, Napa, Reno, San Francisco and Sacramento.

“It has been a pleasure to work with you! Your passion, trust and commitment to make it all work has not passed unnoticed.” Annie Arnold Screen Glue

“One of my most challenging flights was working with Todd Dawson and the team at Parrot outside of Sequoia National Forest. We were using the Sequioia camera to model the Giant Sequoia’s. The canopy was so dense that there was zero room for error.”  Tom Jennings

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