Volumetrics Case Study


Kingsford Manufacturing has been using our Pilot services for a year to help track inventory of stockpiled wood chips at that facilities. Kingsford uses wood chips to make briquettes and has to keep a close eye on inventory ┬áto make sure they don’t import to much. Kingsford has six sites throughout the US and they rely on us to inventory each site quarterly.

UAS Contour Map

Why use Drones

Using drones for stockpile survey is faster and safer than traditional surveying methods. Climbing up and down a stockpile collecting data points is unsafe. Kingsford has dozers operating on their stockpiles moving the pushing material around during and putting someone on the pile puts someone at risk of getting hit or falling off the pile. You could shut down operation while the surveying takes place but that cost money. Using UAVs removes people from an unsafe condition and the lost of production shutting down operation to survey the pile.